Review: Earbuds Earphones Headphones, Bambud In-Ear Headphones Magnetic Wired Earphones Stereo Noise Cancelling Earbuds Sports Headset with Mic


I was excited to give these magnetic earphones a try, there are lots of cool magnetic items and I thought this design was creative.


First, for all the good thumbs ups. It came with an awesome packaging that I can reuse. The round shaped hard case with zipper makes it easy to carry my earphones around in my purse or for plane rides when I go on trips. There’s a small netting on each side to hold small tech items. Unfortunately, it is only big enough to fit a few earphones, SD cards, or other small items, it won’t be able to fit phone chargers or outlets.

It comes with microphone to allow you to pick up calls. My cheap headphones that I bring on trips that are disposable/easily replaceable do not have mics on them so it gets confusing when there are incoming calls. The button with a phone mark on it can be used to play/pause, volume control, and answer/reject/end phones calls. There are multiple sizes of buds to choose which one is most comfortable. The default size was big for my ears, so I’m glad there were smaller sizes for me to choose from.

There are things that can be improved. Sound quality is not the best. I’m not sure if it was just mine, but the right earphone had a clicking sound when the volume is on full blast, not sure what it is or what is the problem. It might be just mine, because many other reviewers raved about the superb sound quality.


Overall, these are not bad for the price. You can never have too many earphones, so I think that’s fine. Purchased on Amazon, for $12.99. Various colors.


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