Review: PROMUN Waist Bag, Running Belt Waterproof, Reflective Sport Pouch , Fitness Workout Adjustable Belt, Outdoor Sports, Holder for Men and Women- iPhone 7/7 Plus, 6S/6S plus/6 /SAMSUNG S7/HUAWEI


On Amazon for $9.99.

I thought this would be “cool” to wear when I exercise, especially when I’m out and about, hiking or running. I would not prefer to wear this on a typical day when I have my purse, and this isn’t the most fashionable item to wear. For exercising or work out activities, this might be just what I need. For winter time, I can just wear sweater over this so that people can’t see this waist bag belt. It’s like a workout fanny pack!

I’m kind of surprised how skinny the belt is. It is not as wide as I thought. There are two zipped pouches, one on each side. It can fit my iphone 6 perfectly, expanding the pouch which makes the belt wider than when there is nothing inside. I find that this would be great for carrying little stuff when traveling, such as passport, credit cards, and money.


The material the description said is high elastic Lycra, I’m not sure what that is and never heard of it before. From the feeling of it, it reminds of certain active wear clothing where it’s kind of waterproof like. When I wore it, it was definitely comfortable, if this was wide enough, it could even help support my lower back. It’s elastic and doesn’t feel tight or uncomfortable, as I adjusted the length on both sides. It’s like a backpack, it’s fairly easy to take off and put on.

The reflective strip is a cool feature but it isn’t too necessarily for me since I’m not going running or doing anything fitness activities in the middle of the night anyways. Because the belt is small already, the reflective portion is small so I’m not sure it would do much anyways, but nonetheless it’s there and it’s better than all black? Actually for me, I’d prefer to have an all black one so it’s even less noticeable to others when I wear it.


This is one of those things that you think it’s silly and would never wear, but will come in handy in times when you need something like this. I like the black color since I want it to be discreet as possible, but some people I suppose may want to rock a bright green or berry pink. Originally price shown, as $15.99, currently on Amazon for $9.99.


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