Review: Russian Piping Tips 20 Piece Set, 8 Piping Tips 1 Coupler 1 Reusable Pastry Bag 10 Disposable Pastry Bags, Stainless Steel Icing Tips for Cupcake Decorating by Leoter


I love baking. Cupcakes especially for parties and gatherings. That’s my go to item to bring. It’s easy and fun each time. I already have a case of piping tips for decorating which is more than I need, but why not have more to the collection. The title to this is a little misleading as it sounds like there are so many pieces to this huge set, total of 20 pieces. But 10 of the 20 are the disposable bags.


The main things I wanted from this set is the 8 piping tips which look crazily intense and the tri-color coupler as I have seen many pretty decoration results from IG and pintrest. I would have to say that these piping tips are definitely larger than I expected them to be. These are much bigger than the ones I have, so I was impressed with the size of these. these met and exceeded my expectations for them. This is the largest piping tips I’ve tried so far.

The coupler I’m more or so not as impressed. It’s plastic which is normal and typical for couplers. It was easy to take out the 3 parts from the nob, but it was a pain to place them back together for use. I typically don’t like reusable piping bags since it’s just much easier to use disposable ones. The disposable ones included here are thinner and flimsier than the ones I normally use.

I will definitely put the piping tips to use, but as for the rest, I may not use them that often. Not sure if the original price is $24.99, but I think on Amazon for $11.99, I can deal with.




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