Review: iPhone 7 Screen Protector [2 Pack], Poweradd Apple iPhone 7 6S 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film (0.33mm) with 9H Hardness, Anti Scratch and Fingerprint Resistant – Lifetime Warranty

On Amazon for $8.99.


When I first got my iPhone 6, I used a $10 one purchased on Amazon, which was a 3 pack regular screen protector film. That lasted me for two years which was impressive already.

Quite amazed at how sturdy and legit even the wooden box felt, better than my previous ones that came in a plastic opp bag. I can make sure to keep my other one in this nice box when I need it. Includes: 2 screen protectors, wet alcohol prep wipe, squeeze card, and dry wipe cloth.

I had my husband do this for me, and it looked quite easy, he didn’t need the instructions. A big observation I noticed is the wet alcohol wipe was very wet and didn’t smell like alcohol, seemed like it was just water to me, and also evaporated very slowly, if at all. I just used my own that I had handy.

I still use my iphone 6 and the screen protector definitely makes a difference for how “new” your phone looks. My phone looks like a brand new phone once I changed my old ones to these tempered glass ones.

This is a 2 pack for $8.99, so still a great price. Fits perfectly on my iphone 6. No difference if you have the iphone 7, should work as well, as advertised. Compared to my old ones, I definitely feel the thickness (0.33 mm), especially as my finger run from the home button to screen. I feel better about the screen and isn’t worried when my fingernails tap and click on the screen. Overall, great buy. Should last me for a long time!


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