Review: In Ear Earbud Headphones,Areson Premium Bass Stereo Headset Noise Isolating Earphone Built-in Remote Shutter/3.5mm Jack/Microphone/Volume Control/Carrying Case/Ectra Earbuds(S/M/L)

On Amazon for $9.99.


I tend to lose earphones easily, and for traveling, I can always use earphones for long flights and on the road. Under $10 earphones is typically my budget when I’m looking for earphones that will be good enough but not too sad if I lose/damage them.

Similar to the Bambud magnetic ones, it also comes with a portable carrying case with 3 additional earbud sizes. Case is always handy to have, I can grab this for traveling and road trips and probably will help me make sure not to lose the earphones. This case looks familiar, I think many amazon earphones comes in cases like these.


One thing I noticed right away is the design of the earphone. The bent I guess can fit in the ear better. Didn’t see indications of R or L so trial and error to which one is for which ear that’s most comfortable.


Intrigued by the idea that the volume button can be used for taking a picture as well, similar to the side buttons on iphone. Worked perfect when I tried this, selfie time! I thought maybe it’s the play button that takes photos from the product picture, but it’s actually the volume up and down that takes photos. Play button didn’t work when I played youtube music video, but did work for music straight from my phone.


Very good quality compared to other earphones I’ve tried. Jammed up to high volume and it held up well, without sacrificing quality. One earbud/left side has more bass than the right when I tried listening to one at a time. Was able to block out any outside noise.

FullSizeRender (2)

Overall, definitely a great buy for the price and quality. Better than average compared to other earphones I’ve tried. I would consider getting this for a friend too.



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