Review: In Ear Headphones, Zeceen M800 Wired Metal Earphones Noise Cancelling Earbuds Bass Stereo Hands-free Calling Headsets with Mic for Android iPhone Ipod & More


For $11.97-$12.98 on Amazon, price varies depending on color.

Feels like a quality product from solid packaging, chose the Rose Gold color, in black box. For personal use, I’d prefer a carrying case. For presentation, this would be better for gifting.

Reminds me of apple earphones in terms of look and design. Silicone like wires which seems more long lasting and durable as it bends easier and is not as stiff.

Has mic for hands free calling. Right and left earbuds are indicated. One button for almost everything, like play/pause, impressed that it controlled the play/pause when I was watching youtube music video. No volume controls. I wish the button is lower, where the joined part is, currently it’s a little too close to earbud and hard to locate quickly if driving/running.

Product pictures are helpful, in showing the components in the earphone. This is the first earphone so far that I’ve tried where each side sounds the same, in terms of bass, quality, and volume. When I listen to left alone and right alone, it is pretty much the same. I find this ideal, because sometimes I would share with a friend if I’m showing a music video, and it’s good to know that we’re both hearing the same thing regardless of R or L earbud we have.

Some more pictures:


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