Review: Amazon Dash Wand With Alexa

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 1.38.31 PM.png

On Amazon for $20. Almost free, because you get $20 credit to use for next order.

Packaging is sleek and to the point. Very catchy and simple design. Say It. Scan It. Ask Alexa. Remove seal on both sides to take box out of the sleeve.

Thank you Amazon. 2 AAA batteries included. No need to run around the house looking for batteries, continue installing.

Instructions in manual pretty much just direct me to website to register or can register in my amazon prime account in devices. There are a few methods it tries in order to register it. Took me some tries to get it. At first I followed instructions from the website, it tried to connect to my phone using bluetooth and wifi, both did not work. Pressing down on the button, showing orange light. I then tried from my amazon app on my phone. My account –> Dash Buttons & Devices (Set Up a new device) –> click on Dash Wand. Following the instructions on here was fast and quick, got it set up in no time.

Say It. After registering, when pressing on button, it shows blue. I tried saying “General Finishes Milk Paint” as a tester, no response or reply, so I thought it didn’t work. I said it a few times, same thing. But when I went into my amazon shopping cart, it showed up in my cart with an option for me to choose color and specific product. I learned that if you can an item, no response means it is automatically added to cart. If it didn’t understand you, it would say so.
Scan It. Holding down the button, I scanned an egg cooker barcode that I had laying around. Again, no vocal response. Checked cart and the exact item is added directly into my cart.

Ask Alexa. All the basic questions it understand and responded. What is the weather? How many tablespoons in a cup? When does Home Depot close? What is the best banana bread recipe (pulls info from allrecipes)?

Shortcomings. No connections to calendar, so you can’t say what’s next on my calendar. Cannot play music. I wish I can take this outside for it to work, because scanning the barcode is super helpful when I’m in stores and see an item I don’t want to purchase in store and to have it added in amazon cart. There are less items in my home that I need to reorder, and I tend to use it less often. It could be cool if it knew multiple languages too, currently it’s only english and pig latin.

My fridge isn’t too magnetic and the amazon wand didn’t really stick on to it that well. The hook comes in handy, and I hung it by the side kitchen cabinet with the thinking that I will use it the most when I’m in the kitchen.


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