Review: Car Mount Holder, Adjustable and Universal Dashboard Air Vent Car Mount Windshield Holder Cradle with Strong Sticky Gel Pad for Smartphone

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 10.22.55 AM.png

On Amazon for $8.99-$12.85, varies depending on color.

Packaging is standard box, no manual. Includes three different mounting options, one phone holder.

Pressing the button in the back allows phone holder sides to release and slide open. To secure phone in place, just squeeze the sides and it retracts in.

I prefer the vent one, because my previous one is a magnetic one that also went on the vent. In terms of phones placement, I like this one the best and doesn’t block vision.

The other contain suction sticky pad, need to peel off film before sticking. I keep these two in my car cubby for when I need it. In the winter time, I don’t like it at the vent which may have warm heat blown towards the phone so I may switch to the other one.

Overall, pretty good. 3-in-1 system to see which one is most fitting. The phone holder also has opening to allow phone charging, which is handy. I often charge my phone while using GPS.


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