Review: Pulaisen Our Adventure Book Scrapbook,Up Movie DIY Anniversary Scrapbook Memories Photo Album

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 3.25.59 PM.png

On Amazon for $21.66.

So excited that such thing exist! One of my favorite movies Up and adventure book is so cute! I love scrapbooking, and have albums stocked up so I have it ready when I want to work on arts & crafts.

Included is the book, 3 sheet of cutout figures, 4 round stickers, 5 postcards, 2 sheets of triangle stickers, and a pair of scissors.

This book cover and end is hard cover, bound together by the ribbon knot string. Very happy with the sturdiness, and even the pages inside are firm and thick enough to hold up many photos. I prefer keeping it in tact while I scrapbook, but it can be untied to take out any loose leave pages and rearrange as needed and put back. Additional pages can even be added if I really wanted to. I think 40 pages is more than sufficient though.

I couldn’t wait to start using it! I don’t have photos printed, but having the readily available extras in here, I fiddled around with it without even realizing it!

Overall, I do wish this was more competitive in pricing, around $15 or less. I can deal without the extras of the stickers/cards/scissors.



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