Review: Mugig Sustain Pedal, Universal Foot Pedal for Keyboard Digital Piano


On Amazon for $9.34 with deal, sale price $12.99, originally $20.99.

Deal is only 1% claimed, for under $10, it’s very little risk for a sustain pedal. These are easily $15, $20 or more. It’s universal, so I assumed it will work with my digital piano.

Packaging is in a kraft box, just as product listing shows. Included is the manual. Easy to use, plugged it in, and it works right away, sustains the keys longer, works just as well as my previous one, if not better.

Pedal is closer to that of a grand piano feel, so there is more resistance than a plastic digital pedal. I prefer the heavier resistance as that is what I’m used to from regular pianos and allows for better control when stepping on it.

Overall, very happy with the design/look/feel/price. The cable length is just right as well. Works great.


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