Review: Metronic 10×13″ New Zipper Style Easy-tear Sealing Blue Poly Mailer Envelopes Shipping Bags with Self Adhesive and Tear Strip, Waterproof and Tear-proof Postal Bags, 100 Pcs

On Amazon for $11.50, same price for all colors.

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 10.25.47 AM.png

Comparable to other brands I’ve purchased elsewhere, the price and quality is as expected. White and black typical ones are boring, definitely want one that’s colored and chose blue. Color is darker in person than in picture, almost look like dark purple option. Versatile and can be used for anything occasion.

Size is ideal too, can fit most of the things I ship, like clothing, accessories, and small boxes. Light weight so it doesn’t add to the package weight. No bubble wrap inside, so depending on item, I add my own bubble wrap.

Very useful is the adhesive seal, no need for tape!


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