Review: OISLE iPhone Mini Power Bank MP282 2200mAh,Ultra Thin Wireless Backup Battery(0.28inch Thickness,51g Weight)High-Speed Charging Mode External Battery for iPhone 5(s)/6(s)/7

On Amazon for $19.99. Color options available. Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 2.23.23 PM.png

I charge my phone overnight, but given my constant phone usage, I am on low battery power towards the end of the day, where I need to ask others for iphone charger. Sometimes I may have my power bank but that takes up room in my bag with the need to bring charging cable too.

Packing is standard, very surprised that it had a thin iphone case too. I guess reason why is if you have a thick phone case, it won’t be able to slide in and charge. My minion thin case was thin enough but it’s handy that it includes the thin one, just in case.

After reading the manual, I learned that there’s normal charging and quick charge by holding down the button.

I like that this can directly be used without any cables. I can use my phone without noticing much difference. I find myself just bringing this in my crossbody bag sine it’s compact and small enough to carry.

Pretty neat thing to have, especially for someone like me who always have my phone in my hands.



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