Review: Hot Glue Gun , CCbetter 100W Hot Melt Glue Gun Adjustable High Temperature Melt Adhesive Glue Gun with 10 pcs Glue Sticks for DIY, Craft, Sealing, Repairs, Light and Heavy Duty, Yellow

On Amazon for $18.99.


This one is way better than the one I have from the store. It is heavy duty and can be quite multipurpose. It includes 10 large glue sticks, which helped me to get started on my arts and crafts projects.

I like the on/off switch, as not all glue guns have them. The pull down stand is very useful as well. I usually don’t know where to rest the glue gun when I’m using it, so this was neat so I can rest it on the table top. It is not too even on both sides, so there can be an improvement to improve the safety stand.

Seeing how thick the glue sticks are, I was concerned that the glue might be too thick when it’s squeezed out. Thankfully, the nozzle has a small opening so that the glue doesn’t gush too much out at once. Overall, for this price, this is really one of the best.


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