Review: MaMix Marshmallow Roasting Sticks 5 Pack for Campfire, Extra Long 45” Extendable ,Telescoping Hot Dog Forks for Kids, Camping Fire Pit, Free 10 Bamboo Smores Sticks Skewers + Bonus Pouch

On Amazon for $13.34.


Outside is boxed packaging, inside is pouch with the 5 extendable sticks, and 10 bamboo sticks.

I really like the pouch, it helps me to keep these all in one place, especially since I only use them once in a while when we go camping or outdoor events.

These reminds me of a selfie stick mechanism, where the extendable feature is a must. This is the upgraded version of finding sticks in the woods for making s’mores.

I can tell these are quality products, since the tips are protected by caps. I’m sure these will last me for a long time. The bamboo sticks it came with is a little rough, so be care with splinters; I used them for making skewers over the grill. Our family loved this set for the timely July 4 grilling and s’mores tradition.


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