Review: Paxamo 600ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, Large Wood Grain Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Diffusers with Low Water Auto Shut-off Function, Working Overnight (Dark wood)

On Amazon for $32.99.


I have one that’s 200 ml, but thought I could use a bigger one. I like the wood colored modern design. Packaging is in an earthy nature themed box; surprised to find so many things inside: user manual, company product cards, cup, power cable, and of course the diffuser.

I like using this for making my room smell nice. Even in the winter time when it’s dry, I need this to humidify the air when I am sleeping.

A few things I like about this: cap is sturdy, so that when I grab the diffuser from the cap, I can move the diffuser without the cap falling off. The power cable can be disconnected from the diffuser. The large 600 ml size of this can last throughout the night without a problem.


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