Review: HQOON Flashlights, HQOON Portable Outdoor Waterproof Work/Emergency/ Hunting/ Strobe Torch, Heavy Duty LED Rechargeable Flashlight, Zoomable Brightest Pro Tactical Flashlights, 5 Lighting Modes

On Amazon for $17.90.


Packaging is in nice item box to store this if you’re not using it. Glad that two batteries are included, was fully charged so I can use it right away. It lasts me quite a while before I need to charge them, working time is longer than the time I charge it so that’s good.

I keep this in my car, handy to have for when we need it. It feels sturdy to hold, lasts me through rainy days at night time. I don’t find myself using the zooming feature that often, but I do use the different light modes depending on where I am and what I need it for.

I’m not sure what the two small pieces is for though, and didn’t see any use or instructions for what to do with it.


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